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Read letters patients have sent to us after their FUT or FUE surgical hair transplant procedure. Some of these patients have before and after pictures in our Hair Transplant Photos galleries. Those patients' letters link to their photosets.

Note: In some states in the USA (i.e., New York, Illinois, Texas) testimonial advertising is not allowed in medicine. If you live in a jurisdiction which does not allow testimonial advertising in medicine, please skip this section.


Dr. Shaver,

I really enjoyed spending time
With the Bernstein Medical staff
Who all worked so hard
To harvest each and every graft.

Then there is the one and only
Dr. Christine Shaver
Who is truly the best
Hair transplant saver.

Everyone is so friendly
Nice and really do care
So, I just felt a need
To share!

They have made me look
Like a complete star
With the only sacrifice of three days
Not being able to go to the bar.

Bernstein Medical for Hair Restoration
Is truly the best place
I always leave there
With a huge smile on my face.

I am forever grateful
To Dr. Shaver and crew
Who have given me
A brand new hair-do.

Thank you for making me comfortable
And for a great day
That is really all
That I have to say.

– loyal patient for life



Dr. Shaver,


Just wanted to send along a Thank You for finding the scalp inflammation prior to the potential procedure. Apologies if I came across overly disappointed; there are much worse diagnoses in the world. I’ll work with a dermatologist and hopefully can revisit in the next 18-24 months.

All the Best,



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I cannot say enough good things about this practice. I received an FUT transplant on August 29, 2018, and I found the entire experience excellent, from start to finish.

Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Shaver are both true experts and dedicated to their crafts not only as medical professionals but as masters of aesthetics. Hair replacement is both a medical procedure and an art, and it seems to me that they excel at both. And there’s more. The billing staff was incredibly friendly, helpful, and supportive in working with me on the available financing options and on flexible scheduling. At the end of the procedure, I actually received a substantial credit because the operation required less follicular units than was expected. I wouldn’t say that is something to expect–but when was the last time you received a refund from a medical office? This is a highly ethical practice.

Finally, I must say that their office atmosphere is the perfect place for this procedure. Some men and women feel embarrassed about cosmetic procedures. That’s understandable. But from the moment I entered their medical suite I felt that I was surrounded by a friendly, highly professional, and discrete staff. I wish that every medical office functioned this way. The following day I received a follow up phone call from Dr. Bernstein and the take-home materials I was given were really practical and specific.

I am fortunate enough to live on the east side of Manhattan, nearby their practice; but after this experience I can well understand why people travel from other states and from outside of the country to see Drs. Bernstein and Shaver.




Dear Dr. Bernstein,

Very best wishes to you & yours for the Holidays.

I couldn’t be happier with your work or the present state of my vastly improved hairline. As you probably know I have mentioned your name to many, my brother included.

In the category of “A picture is worth a thousand words” see my photos.

Warm regards,

J. J.




I decided on having a hair transplant procedure because there is nothing better than having and maintaining your own growing hair, so having surgery was a no brainer for me. My personal experience with hair restoration surgery is that there is very little discomfort despite my initial concern. I am an extremely impatient and anxious person, so you would think that waiting for my hair to grow in would have been sheer torture. The time between my surgery and when I began to see my new hair passed so quickly that I barely remember ever waiting for something to happen. Before I knew it, my hair had grown in. There is nothing like having that confidence that only a full head of hair can give you.

A. I.



Dr Bernstein – Happy New Year – I hope all is well with your staff and you.

March 20th will be 1 year since I had the ARTAS FUE 1400 graft procedure. I can tell you without hesitation that the results have FAR exceeded my expectations in every way. I did not expect this degree of thickness, fullness, and overall amazing appearance. When I get out of the ocean swimming, I am no longer self-conscious about how my hair will look. It seems that as consumers, we are often buying things and not getting exactly what we thought we were going to get. In the case of the procedure your staff and you performed, I got even more than I had imagined. My only regret, if I even have one, is not having done this earlier. I have been passing your information on to people as I bump into them so they too can share in this amazing procedure. I now understand why your reputation in the industry is as it is.

Thank you again for sharing your art and skill and making this person happier than you can imagine with the results.

O. O.




There is nothing like having your own hair growing in and looking so natural. It builds your confidence, self-esteem when you are out in the public, like I am, for my speaking engagements. The staff at Bernstein Medical was extremely professional and customer-focused throughout the entire hair restoration process.

My only regret is that the picture was taken after my first hair transplant procedure and not my second one. My move to North Carolina made it hard to come in for follow-up. If you don’t mind using a professional photo, I’ve attached one that I use in my consulting business, which, of course, was taken after my second hair restoration session.

A. Z.



I have been going to the same dermatologist for more than fifteen years so he has seen my ongoing hair loss as well as my ever receding hair-line. But since I have had the hair replacement procedures (follicular hair transplants and then FUE) from Dr. Bernstein, my dermatologist continually comments on how much hair I now have on my head. He also told me that years ago, he would actually teach other dermatologists how to do hair transplants so that he has the ability to discern a ‘good job’ from a ‘bad job’. After examining my scalp and running his fingers through my hair, my dermatologist commented as to how natural my new hairline looks. His exact words were “YOU GOT A G-R-E-A-T JOB”!

I used to hate going to my hair-stylist for a haircut or even a trim. I always washed my hair at home before going to the salon because I was embarrassed for the hair-washer to see how bald I actually was. I was always careful to tell my stylist to leave enough hair on the sides of my head such that I could do a ‘comb-over’ in a futile effort to mask my never ending hair loss. But since I have had the follicular hair replacements and FUE procedure from Dr. Bernstein, I actually look forward to getting my haircuts and trims. I no longer need to do the ‘comb-over’. I even let the hair-washer wash my hair! My stylist can’t believe the results. She repeatedly tells me that my new hairline looks completely natural and normal for someone my age. As a stylist, she also said that she has seen the results of literally dozens of men’s hair transplants and they never looked as good as mine does.

A. O.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

My decision to have hair restoration surgery was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It has been and continues to be a source of comfort and positive feelings in my life; and Bernstein Medical remains a superb source of continued support.

Thank you,
M. L.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

Thank you for a wonderful job on my hair transplant procedures. From the initial appointment through to the follow-ups, you and your team have been extremely professional, cordial, and helpful. Both my procedures were handled very smoothly and any discomfort I felt was quickly addressed.

I have received several compliments and comments from family and friends on how natural the transplanted hair looks. The once frequent talk of hair loss around me has now stopped. I am very happy with the results. Thank you again and you are highly recommended.


J. I.



Happy Holidays Doctor,

As you know, I have had three transplants over the past three years. The universal reaction is first, no one realized a big overnight change because the hair grows in over time. Then people say “You look like you lost weight” Other comments: “Have you been working out? You look really good”. My adult children couldn’t be fooled but they all think it is an amazing transformation. “So real and natural that it is just like your hair started to regrow on its own”. From almost bald to beautiful!

Thanks for that!

U. Q.



All I can say is I love the results of my hair restoration. It has really made me feel much better about myself. All of my little children say to me, “keep your hair the way it is now”. My wife loves it and will never let me where a hat again.

Thank you, Dr. Bernstein.

A. L.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I decided to have the hair transplants because I used to wear a hair system. The maintenance was hard to keep up with. It limited my activities. There is nothing like your own growing hair. Having a full head of hair has restored my confidence and has given me back my youth. My current girlfriend was shocked when I told her that I had hair transplants. The work that you and your staff do is undetectable. Before the first procedure I was very nervous. I did not know what to expect. You and your staff made me feel comfortable by assuring me and allowing my friend who is a therapist to come in and relax me. I did not feel any discomfort throughout the hair transplant. It was well worth the experience because you cannot put a price on your confidence and your self-esteem.

With kind regards,
F. F.




I am very pleased with the results of my hair transplants, and I honestly think it was one of the best decisions of my life. If anyone reading this is un-decided on what to do, please call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bernstein ASAP. He truly is the best at what he does.

Much thanks,
B. I.



Dr. Bernstein,

I began losing my hair around 19 years of age. I felt powerless to do anything about my hair loss. I always felt that if hair transplantation improved from the doll’s hair look that I would consider it. After attending an open house in your New York office, I felt convinced that a hair transplant was for me.

I arrived for my hair restoration surgery at about 7:30am. The staff was very friendly, professional and attentive. The surgery itself was painless. I would say the only discomfort I experienced was the actual shots of anesthesia in my scalp. I watched movies, had a nice lunch and finished my hair restoration procedure around 4:00pm.

As I said, I started losing my hair around age 19. So most of my adult life I have been bald. I can’t describe what a thrill it was to actually see hair growing on my scalp at the age of 38. The growth was slow and steady. I would say all of the transplanted hair grew in by 12 months after my procedure. It feels great to have hair again.

I had told some people I worked with that I was going to have a hair transplant and some were skeptical about the results. After my hair restoration procedure the growth was so gradual when my hair started to grow in that some people forgot about it. I so very happy with the results I received. My brother has even had a procedure with you! Dr. Bernstein thanks again for everything.

I. R.



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