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Interview Magazine: Dr. Bernstein a Game-Changing Hair Transplant PioneerDr. Bernstein with ARTAS Robot in New York City Facility

Dr. Bernstein is described in Interview Magazine as among the “elite league of experts” who celebs are increasingly turning to in order to maintain their high profile image. He is called a “pioneer in the world of hair replacement surgery,” and the hair transplant surgeon of choice for “VIP clients from the world of fashion and entertainment.”

The article describes Dr. Bernstein’s publication “Follicular Transplantation” — the first to describe the FUT procedure in medical literature — as a game-changing paper that has directly led to modern techniques, including robotic hair transplant surgery using the ARTAS System.

Interview Magazine notes that Dr. Bernstein makes clear to all of his patients that surgical procedures are not always recommended or indicated for a patient. He is quoted in the article as saying, “Surgery is a personal option and a serious business, so I don’t oversell it.”

The image of Dr. Bernstein that accompanies the article exhibits the care and consideration that are the hallmark of treatment at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration.

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