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SAFE System for FUE Hair Transplants

The SAFE System, developed by Dr. Jim Harris, is a device that uses blunt dissection to isolate the follicular units from the surrounding tissue. The device allows the physician to perform precise Follicular Unit Extraction with minimal damage to follicles. By using a motorized instrument, it significantly increases the speed of the procedure.

The machine powers a slowly rotating blunt punch that slows down even further as it passes deeper into the tissue, thereby minimizing rotational injury and trauma to the grafts.

The initial rotation speed is just enough to allow the instrument to penetrate the skin and the slower speed allows the dull punch to pass deeper into the scalp and separate the follicular units from the surrounding dermis, causing minimal transection (inadvertent cutting of the follicles).

The isolated follicular unit grafts are then removed with forceps, sorted and counted under a microscope, and then planted into the recipient area using standard placing techniques.

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