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Hair Transplant Video

What Makes A Woman A Good Hair Transplant Candidate?

Dr. Wolfeld describes the criteria he uses at Bernstein Medical to determine if a woman is a good candidate for surgical hair restoration. Click here to watch video

Hair Transplant Video

Can Women Be Hair Transplant Candidates?

Dr. Wolfeld dispells a common myth that women cannot be good candidates for hair transplant surgery. Click here to watch video

Hair Transplant Video

Dr. Wolfeld Discusses Women’s Hair Loss, JAK Inhibitors and Minoxidil on Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Michael Wolfeld was featured on the Dr. Oz Show where he was interviewed by Dr. Mehmet Oz about misconceptions on women’s hair loss, promising reports of JAK inhibitors in treating alopecia areata, and using men’s 5% minoxidil solution in female hair loss patients. Click here to watch video

Hair Transplant Video

Dr. Wolfeld Demonstrates PRP Treatment on Dr. Oz Show Episode on Hair Loss Treatments for Women

On the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Michael Wolfeld, associate physician at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration, was shown applying PRP treatments to a patient at the Bernstein Medical facility. Dr. Sejal Shah demonstrated the latest treatments for women with thinning hair, including laser therapy, minoxidil, and PRP.

Hair Transplant Video

Dr. Bernstein, Dr. Oz Discuss Women’s Hair Loss ‘Taboo’

Dr. Mehmet Oz invited Dr. Bernstein to appear on the Dr. Oz Show to discuss the ‘taboo’ subject of hair loss in women, and its causes and diagnosis. Dr. Bernstein used a densitometer to evaluate the hair loss of a female member of the audience.

Hair Transplant Video

How Does Hair Transplantation In Women Compare To Procedures For Men?

Dr. Bernstein is frequently asked about hair transplant procedures for women, and in this video he discusses the differences between treating men and women.

Read a partial transcript of the video:

Hair transplantation has been traditionally thought of as a procedure that men get. Over the last few years, we’ve been transplanting more and more women patients and seeing many more women patients for hair loss. It turns out that about 40% of women have a significant amount of hair loss in their lifetime. In the past, women have felt that their hair loss was almost taboo, and I think it is more acceptable now that women know that hair loss is relatively common, that it’s not just a bad thing but something to be treated if you can. So we are seeing more and more women at our practice.

Click here to watch video

Hair Transplant Video

Female Hair Transplant Patient And Dr. Bernstein Interviewed On The Early Show

The highly-rated CBS television program The Early Show interviewed Dr. Bernstein as part of a three-part series on hair loss in women. In this video, Julie Chen interviews Dr. Bernstein and a female hair transplant patient at Bernstein Medical. Dr. Bernstein describes the difference between the old large-graft transplants and today’s techniques.

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