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Hairmax LaserBand

HairMax® LaserBand is a variation on their best-known product, the LaserComb. Like the LaserComb, the LaserBand works on the principle of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to boost hair growth in men and women.

Low-Level laser therapy involves irradiating the scalp with low-intensity laser light. The laser beams are thought to boost cellular energy production and blood flow to hair follicles to potentially speed up the elimination of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormonal byproduct that is the primary cause of the progressive “miniaturization” of hair follicles. Left untreated, miniaturized follicles eventually disappear leaving a bald scalp.

The FDA approved LaserBand provides a safe hair loss treatment option for patients who may not want, or cannot have, medical treatment, or in whom surgery is not indicated. It is especially beneficial for women who are more likely than men to fit both categories.

The cordless unit is a curved, plastic headband-like device embedded with 82 medical grade lasers. The outer edges of the device include specially-patented teeth which part the hair during treatment. This maximizes the amount of laser light that reaches the hair follicles and ensures that more follicles are stimulated.

Benefits over the Laser Comb

Several aspects differentiate the HairMax® LaserBand from the LaserComb. Because the LaserBand contains approximately six times more laser modules than its predecessor, treatment takes only a fraction of the time needed by the LaserComb.

The LaserBand is designed for comfortable use. Its shape allows users to place it on their head and leave it to work automatically before it is moved to the next position on the scalp. This is another improvement over the LaserComb, which, like a comb, has to be hand-held and moved over the target area.

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