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Read letters patients have sent to us after their FUT or FUE surgical hair transplant procedure. Some of these patients have before and after pictures in our Hair Transplant Photos galleries. Those patients' letters link to their photosets.

Note: In some states in the USA (i.e., New York, Illinois, Texas) testimonial advertising is not allowed in medicine. If you live in a jurisdiction which does not allow testimonial advertising in medicine, please skip this section.


Dear Dr. Bernstein,

It’s a little more than a week since my transplant procedure, and I didn’t want any more time to pass without writing to compliment you and your entire staff for making the entire experience a pleasant one for me. While I am anxiously awaiting the growth of my hair and wonder how I will ultimately look, I must tell you that if the professionalism exhibited by you and the members of your staff are any indication of what the final result will be, then I know I have nothing to worry about.

From the moment I called your office last September to make my initial consultation and spoke to your receptionist and then finally meeting you and seeing the results of your work firsthand I have felt I made the right decision to literally put myself, rather my scalp and my hair in your hands so to speak.

For those of us sitting on the other side of the doctor’s desk contemplating hair transplant surgery, the decision is fraught with doubt and anxiety, not to mention thoughts of the expense of it all and the many questions that one has to weigh in their mind before making a decision. Does the expense justify the result? Will the experience be painful and uncomfortable? Will I be treated as an individual or just another patient folder in a filing cabinet?

I can honestly say under your care and that of your staff to assuage any doubts I may have had, I am certain I will have made the right decision.

My thanks to you and your team again for making me feel relaxed, treating me so well and for making me feel #1 in your book from Day One.

Until I see you again in 240 days for my follow-up visit, I remain…

Most sincerely,

S. S.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I am pleased to send you a progress report on my May 7th procedure.

Looking in the mirror on the third day after surgery I could see the craftsmanship of the careful graft pattern placement.

On the right side it is now difficult to see the donor scar to apply my daily application of aloe vera gel. On the left side there are only two 3 mm scabs remaining.

Finally, it surprises me that there are so many singles and 2-shaft sets in front that are 1 to 1.3 cm long already.

THANK YOU for these impressive early results. I am looking forward to being VERY impressed in two or three more months.


H. R.



Dr. Bernstein has my highest endorsement. I have been meaning to write. It is 7 months now and I am so happy. What a difference! Please let him know.

Everyone who knows things it looks amazing and absolutely natural. Those that don’t know just think I’ve got a head full of hair. Isn’t that nice. Best investment I ever made. Thank you.

M. G.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I wanted to thank you once again for the truly remarkable work you performed on the 3rd of January. As usual it was an extremely pleasurable experience and you and your staff went to great lengths to keep me comfortable, happy and amused.

When I reflect on my history (3 full surgeries and a mini plug-excision procedure) it is still awe-inspiring to look back at the original condition (both aesthetically and medically) of my hair/scalp and at the current condition. At the risk of sounding sycophantic you have performed, in my view, nothing short of a miracle and I do not use the phrase lightly when I say, “you have changed my life”. I know that you will continue on your path to supply hair transplant procedures of the highest quality and will also strive to maintain the absolute integrity and credibility that you have made part of your philosophy.

Hopefully, I have had my final surgery (until you can clone my hair!) but I do want to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me and that I will continue to support you whenever you need me.

I am enclosing a little something for you and all of your staff as a small token of my appreciation for all you’ve done.

With many thanks,
Best regards,

G. K.



Hello everyone,

I just wanted to drop you all a line to that you very much before, during and after my procedure. Everyone was extremely nice and professional. I experienced the least amount of pain and discomfort this time. You’re so much further ahead than all the imposters out there! Once again, a big thanks to Dr. Bernstein, Sue, Nancy, Phil etc. (Sorry if I forgot anyone).

Take care, and if you ever come up to Philly for a seminar or something, get in touch and I’ll see you there!


B. D.



Hi Dr. Bernstein,

Sorry I haven’t contacted you earlier it has been 11 months since my hair transplant. Everything is going great I have enclosed some pictures I will send more in the next week. My results look great, I never told anyone, I was a little nervous people would be able to tell, especially considering two weeks after the procedure my wife and I had twins and I had to be at the hospital with no hat on for the first time – no one ever knew. I don’t no if you remember I also had singles after the procedure .

I would like to thank you and your staff for everything you did for me and for going out of your way to make my wife as comfortable as possible during my hair restoration procedure. No doctor has every done as much as you have for me . Especially after the procedure, you answered every email, made numerous phone calls to see how I was doing, prescribed an antibiotic for my shingles.

The picture with me and my daughter is in June 7 months

Thanks for everything.
H. K.



Dear Doctor and Staff,

Today I have a few minutes to write you and thought you would appreciate my thoughts. It’s been two days since my surgery and although I’ve had a little amount of pain in the rear suture area I feel fine. I didn’t need to use the drugs given or even any Tylenol or anything of that nature. I’ve showered four times so far being very careful patting the special shampoo your office gave into my new transplanted area. Although it is still like little red dots they seem to be fading to normal color already and it feels great to have all these little hairs where there were none!

As for your staff – I was made very comfortable and enjoyed their company. They made a possible unpleasant experience seem natural and respectable. I hope they enjoyed the cookies, tea and coffee I brought them. You should be proud of the polite and respectful way they treat your patients.

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff. This coming week I’ll see you all for my post checkup, and I can say I finally feel confident I’ll have my hair back.


B. B.



Dear Dr. Bernstein and Your Wonderful Staff,

We can’t thank you enough for the eight hours that we spent together. The warmth and support not to mention Italian and Chinese food really got us through what we thought would be a much more difficult day! We’re looking forward to seeing some really fantastic results! Thanks again!

K. D.



Dr. Bernstein and Staff,

A month has flown by since my hair transplant and if I had only known what a breeze it would be, I would have met you all a year ago : I know you all have heard a million times how magnificent you all are, I have to tell you as well. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your kind and professional service that was provided to me. From the initial moment of making my appointment for the consultation to the actual procedure, I truly appreciate the caring and patience you all showed me. I am so grateful that I was able to have the transplant done with the best!

Thanks again,

W. K.



Five months ago, I came to Dr. Bernstein’s office with a grim outlook. I had previous surgeries at two well-promoted centers for hair restoration. The results from the surgeries were less than satisfactory. Scarring in the donor area and large pencil sized plugs left me feeling worse than being bald. Worst of all I didn’t believe I would ever look normal again.

Dr. Bernstein was very honest in his assessment of my condition. There were no promises of total repair and no false hopes of a perfect recovery. I tool some time to read “The Patient’s Guide to Hair Restoration” and make a decision based on the facts that were given to me after two consultations with Dr. Bernstein.

The staff has also been very helpful, kind, sympathetic, and courteous. They seem happy to be working with a surgeon that takes such pride in his work. I was having a conversation with a technician that remarked, “I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I was destroying the lives of the patients seeking help”. That is the kind reassurance that makes me feel that I am receiving the best care possible.

The excision surgeries are now complete and I am moving on the next phase. A full session. I have all the confidence in the world that Dr. Bernstein and his staff will try their hardest to fulfill my goals. In just five months, the appearance of my large plugs is close to undetectable and the future looks encouraging.

B. C.



On September nineteenth, I had a transplant procedure at the Fort Lee location. Words cannot adequately express how impressed and pleased I was with the entire experience. From the beginning, with Gina and Priscilla thoroughly preparing me for the procedure, until I departed the Hilton for home, I cannot imagine how things could have run more smoothly.

Dr. Bernstein projects confidence, professionalism and a genuine concern and compassion for the patient. Sadly, these aspects are missing in too many medical experts today. He also has a most pleasant personality. To say that I hold him in the highest esteem just doesn’t seem enough.

Mara and every one of her assistants went beyond the call of duty to make me feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. They were all quite concerned for my welfare during every moment that I was there. They treated me more like a family member than a patient. I was so pleased with them that I wanted to buy champagne for everyone. Since they still had work to do and I couldn’t drink alcohol for three days after the procedure, I sent flowers the next day.

You have done an outstanding job developing and training the highest quality staff imaginable. I will most likely have a second treatment for my crown area next year if my frontal transplant comes out as well as anticipated. It’s such a relief to know in advance how wonderfully I’ll be treated. I also have several friends and associates who are in need of your services. I guess by now you can figure out who I will be recommending them to. Please don’t ever hesitate to give my name and phone number out to anyone in the New England area that is considering hair transplanting. My wife and I visited several hair replacement companies, read many books and manuals, and viewed informational tapes before deciding on your practice. The research time was well spent.

With utmost respect and appreciation,

D. T.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I appreciate the way in which you and your staff handled my recent hair transplant procedure. The professionalism, courtesy and comfortable attitude that you and your staff exhibited made my experience a real pleasure. Having worked with you in the past I know I can expect the best possible results.

Thank you again for a very comfortable and gratifying day.


A. L.



Hello Dr. B,

It has only been 17 short days since my hair transplant repair procedure and I just wanted you to know that thus far I am very pleased with my decision and the work of your group. My scalp is healing rapidly and growth is returning after the graft excision. The burden of the horrible grafts and the reasons that brought me down that road of “bad” hair transplants has been lifted. I feel like I have a new lease on life!!! When I return to New York later in the year I will setup an appointment to consider additional work. Peace be with you!

R. N.



Did you hear the one about the bald doctor that grew his hair back? Well it’s no joke, but we’ll get back to this part of my story later. Let me start by stating the obvious; losing my hair was a long, slow, steadily painful process that began in my late twenties and continued into my forties.

During that time, I became increasingly preoccupied with this dramatic change in my physical appearance and the accompanying emotional toll. I was not a happy camper. Thus began the quixotic quest for the fulfillment of my impossible dream, to grow hair on my head. Over the course of twenty odd years, I explored every conceivable type of treatment for my “problem”. I even tried some of the more weird “remedies” marketed on TV and over the net. I must confess that I always needed up feeling like Don Quixote, somewhat defeated at being scalped by a windmill, but relentless in my quest.

Now back to the bald doctor. He happens to be my family physician and a rather conservative medical professional. I came in for my annual and I noticed that he had hair on his head, and it was his own Hair! I could hardly contain my amazement. “How in the world did you grow your hair back?” I asked. That’s when he gave me the scoop on Dr. Robert Bernstein. He basically told me that he had done a lot of research on hair restoration over the years. He explained that the doctor had created a technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation) that could achieve excellent medical and cosmetic results. The irrefutable evidence was sitting right in front of me. My doctor gave me the phone number and suggested that I attend one of their seminars.

I was immediately impressed by their customer service. I received prompt and detailed information on their services. More importantly, when I attended their seminar, Dr. Bernstein conducted it. He made clear that he was the surgeon in charge and that he and his team had an uncompromising commitment to safety and quality results. Then he actually allowed us to observe the procedure in progress. It was, to put it mildly, impressive.

Equally impressive was the genuine enthusiasm of the patients who had undergone the procedure and were present to answer questions. I made my decision. Dr. Bernstein and his medical team performed the surgery. It was quick, clean and remarkably comfortable. Eight months later I had hair on my head that looked like it belonged there. That was just the beginning of the benefits that I’ve reaped from my hair restoration.

Restoring my hair has contributed greatly to my well being in three major ways. Mentally, it has relieved me of the daily frustration of obsessing about being bald. What I think about now is how I can improve on other aspects of my health and physical appearance. Emotionally, I feel more positive and optimistic about life and that has translated into a more relaxed attitude towards my daily social interactions. Finally, and most importantly, I just look better physically. He has put me on a track to look good and I plan to stay on that track.

I want to thank Dr. Bernstein and the entire organization for their pioneering work in the field of hair restoration. I’m also grateful for the integrity and commitment to excellence they bring to their work. It has made a positively enduring difference in my life.


N. M.



Dear Dr. Bernstein and Staff,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for your caring and support during my procedure on July 26th. You and your medical assistants contribute tremendously in helping me.

Thanks again.

K. M.


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