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Finasteride is a prescription oral medication that is now generic (in the 5mg dose). This formulation is just as effective as the brand name Propecia and is generally less expensive.

The general starting dose of finasteride for the treatment of hair loss is 1mg a day. For this dose, you can either take one 1mg Propecia tablet or 1/4 of a 5mg tablet of generic finasteride each day. Your doctor may increase the dose over time, based on your response to the medication.

If you chose to use the generic medication, a pill-cutter can be purchased from any pharmacy for a few dollars. Please cut only two pills at a time.

Finasteride does not have to be cut into equal parts to be effective. Just cut it into the recommended number of pieces and take one piece each day.

Finasteride can be taken any time of the day without regard to food or other medications.

You may experience shedding during the first 3-6 months of treatment. This generally is an indication that the medication is working. Do not stop the medication if you see shedding.

It takes up to a full year to see the effects of Finasteride, so be patient.

We recommend using Propecia or generic finasteride that is manufactured in the United States. It is impossible to insure the potency of formulations made outside of FDA control.

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