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Read letters patients have sent to us after their FUT or FUE surgical hair transplant procedure. Some of these patients have before and after pictures in our Hair Transplant Photos galleries. Those patients’ letters link to their photosets.

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Five months ago, I came to Dr. Bernstein’s office with a grim outlook. I had previous surgeries at two well-promoted centers for hair restoration. The results from the surgeries were less than satisfactory. Scarring in the donor area and large pencil sized plugs left me feeling worse than being bald. Worst of all I didn’t believe I would ever look normal again.

Dr. Bernstein was very honest in his assessment of my condition. There were no promises of total repair and no false hopes of a perfect recovery. I tool some time to read “The Patient’s Guide to Hair Restoration” and make a decision based on the facts that were given to me after two consultations with Dr. Bernstein.

The staff has also been very helpful, kind, sympathetic, and courteous. They seem happy to be working with a surgeon that takes such pride in his work. I was having a conversation with a technician that remarked, “I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I was destroying the lives of the patients seeking help”. That is the kind reassurance that makes me feel that I am receiving the best care possible.

The excision surgeries are now complete and I am moving on the next phase. A full session. I have all the confidence in the world that Dr. Bernstein and his staff will try their hardest to fulfill my goals. In just five months, the appearance of my large plugs is close to undetectable and the future looks encouraging.

B. C.



Dear Dr. Bernstein and staff:

Just wanted to thank you for all that you did before, during and after my hair transplant procedure. You were all true professionals, from my first interview, to my follow up visit.

Dr. Bernstein, your knowledge and confidence in your procedure were the catalyst for me deciding to have my transplant done in your office. Your staff was patient, kind, humorous, and their teamwork was incredible. At all times, they maintained a professional attitude, and they never made me feel like I was just next in line. Although I was nervous at first, I soon felt that I had made a good choice. Thanks again.


V. M.



On September nineteenth, I had a transplant procedure at the Fort Lee location. Words cannot adequately express how impressed and pleased I was with the entire experience. From the beginning, with Gina and Priscilla thoroughly preparing me for the procedure, until I departed the Hilton for home, I cannot imagine how things could have run more smoothly.

Dr. Bernstein projects confidence, professionalism and a genuine concern and compassion for the patient. Sadly, these aspects are missing in too many medical experts today. He also has a most pleasant personality. To say that I hold him in the highest esteem just doesn’t seem enough.

Mara and every one of her assistants went beyond the call of duty to make me feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. They were all quite concerned for my welfare during every moment that I was there. They treated me more like a family member than a patient. I was so pleased with them that I wanted to buy champagne for everyone. Since they still had work to do and I couldn’t drink alcohol for three days after the procedure, I sent flowers the next day.

You have done an outstanding job developing and training the highest quality staff imaginable. I will most likely have a second treatment for my crown area next year if my frontal transplant comes out as well as anticipated. It’s such a relief to know in advance how wonderfully I’ll be treated. I also have several friends and associates who are in need of your services. I guess by now you can figure out who I will be recommending them to. Please don’t ever hesitate to give my name and phone number out to anyone in the New England area that is considering hair transplanting. My wife and I visited several hair replacement companies, read many books and manuals, and viewed informational tapes before deciding on your practice. The research time was well spent.

With utmost respect and appreciation,

D. T.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

Ever since I was diagnosed in 1987 with hereditary hair loss and advised that I was a candidate for hair transplantation, I knew that “someday” I would undergo the procedure. Over the years, my hair loss became noticeable (and not just to me, as it probably was in 1987) and in 2001 I visited your website, and then your office for a free consultation. Your friendly and supportive staff, and your own knowledge, kindness and sense of humor, along with your confirmation that I was indeed a candidate for a hair restoration procedure, finally gave me the courage to have the surgery.

Well, the most stressful part of the day of surgery was my worry that the taxi would not show up to take me from Manhattan to Fort Lee where I planned to have the hair restoration procedure! Once I arrived, your wonderful staff put me at ease and the only pain I experienced all day was a slight pinprick sensation when the local anesthetic was given to me. The pleasant haze I was in during the procedure, along with the conversation and banter I enjoyed with you and your staff, made the whole experience almost enjoyable! I went home and relaxed for a few days in pleasant anticipation of the good results I knew would follow.

For several months I made myself forget about constantly running to the mirror, and about 10 months later I noticed a definite improvement in the fullness of my hair in the front. After about 18 months, I was very happy with the results and felt that I had a “normal” head of hair for the first time in years. In 2005 I had a second procedure and now feel that I am almost in that fortunate group of “thick-haired” people.

I would urge any woman who is a candidate for a hair transplant to have no qualms or hesitation about having the surgery at Bernstein Medical. There is no “down side” to it–just a day or two out of your life and wonderful results within the year. Now I never have to worry about having the sun shine on my head; I am able to style my hair any way I want to – the main objective is no longer to make sure it’s all combed back over my scalp in the hope of disguising my condition. Honestly, sometimes I have to remind myself that I once had this problem. Having my hair transplant in your office was one of the biggest favors I ever did for myself.

L. K.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

This letter is long overdue.

I used to think about losing my hair 95% of my waking hours (and also many of my sleeping hours). That was too much time and energy spent pondering something that made me feel poorly about myself.

The most satisfying result from having the hair procedure done by you is that I think much less about my hair, except how really great it looks!

I am very, very grateful to you and your technicians and look forward to seeing you for my second procedure.

Thank you.


R. R.



Dear Dr. Bernstein:

After undergoing my surgery on Friday, April 10th, I felt compelled to inform you of the exceptional professionalism that your staff demonstrated. Throughout the nine-hour procedure, each an every one of you assistants showed genuine concern for my comfort, health, and attitude. You staff’s commitment to your state of the art transplant procedure was evident in their medical and interpersonal skills. They simply love their work!

I spent over three years deciding what type of surgical procedure would benefit my hair loss condition. More importantly, choosing the right doctor to perform the surgery was of paramount concern. I can now state that I made the best possible choice for myself. From my first consultation with you, I was fully relaxed and informed as to the intricacies of a follicular transplant. By speaking with you, examining a procedure in progress, and reading print related materials about your pioneering research; I was able to make an educated and unencumbered decision.

I am grateful that you have dedicated yourself to a medical procedure that enhances the appearance, self-esteem, and confidence of human beings. I have dedicated my life to teaching you students the values of commitment, responsibility, and accountability. From you, I have learned that a person can achieve a sound body. The Chinese culture states that a sound mind and a sound body balances a person’s life. I already feel balanced!

Thank you,

T. V.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

It was a great pleasure in having my hair transplant done in your office. I appreciate your advice and friendliness. I was especially taken by the congeniality and dedication of your staff, each unique and charming in their own way. If you ever need a recommendation from this area, count of me to be your greatest support.


L. M.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I appreciate the way in which you and your staff handled my recent hair transplant procedure. The professionalism, courtesy and comfortable attitude that you and your staff exhibited made my experience a real pleasure. Having worked with you in the past, I know I can expect the best possible results.

Thank you again for a very comfortable and gratifying day.

D. D.




I have researched this procedure for 15 years. After the seminar with Dr. Bernstein I am convinced that I am DOING it and that Dr. Bernstein WILL be the Doctor.

I would never have believed that there really existed a true professional and honest Doctor. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to witness an actual procedure and talk with a patient as the surgery was in progress.

That’s what I hoped for and expected. Photo’s just didn’t warrant my trust from any Doctor.
When I met actual patients and saw Dr. Bernstein’s “work “I was totally convinced. I was even more convinced when I heard Dr. Bernstein recommend that a particular person “not bother “, and just live with hair loss

A lot of Doctors would ” sell ‘ anybody, but I believe and I am convinced that Dr. Bernstein is a true professional and ethical Doctor. In this “world” it is almost hard to believe.

Thank You


S. I.



Dr. Bernstein and Staff,

I want to thank all of you for making a very apprehensive patient feel at ease. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such beautiful, caring and professional people. It gave me hope that this operation would turn out much differently then my past experiences with other places.

Special thanks to the two young ladies who had the duty of holding my hand through the “pins & needles.”


M. H.



Dr. Bernstein

Thank you for your kind gesture today. I know you always have a busy schedule, by taking relaxation time and devoting it to helping my procedure move quickly was extremely generous of you.

Your dedication to your work is unsurpassed. Practicing medicine in your field must be truly rewarding. I think it is your nature to enjoy repair expressing your artistic talent.

As always I know your talent will bring my expectations. I am very proud to have you as my physician. May God always keep you and your family safe and good health.

Thank You,

C. F.



I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff for the excellent work that you did on me. If you recall, I underwent scar excision of 36 old plugs. The results are great!

I was apprehensive at first, and having to go through three procedures wasn’t exactly thrilling, but in the end the results are incredible. I was finally able to take off the hair piece I’ve been wearing for the past ten years.

Also, thanks for putting me on Propecia. Taking that in connection with Rogaine, I was able to restore a lot of hair. It’s still a little thin in front, but I’m going to give the drugs a few more months and then decide if I should have a session of follicular transplants done.

Thanks again!

W. J.




I’m one of those guys who first sought hair restoration in the ’70s. At the time all I needed was to have my receded hairline restored. I ended up with the classic “pluggy” hairline, the kind the late night comedians joke about. My new problem was not obvious until I had more hair loss. Soon my “pluggy” hairline became painfully obvious to everyone. I hated to watch everyone’s eyes move up and fix on my hairline. No one ever seemed to look at me in the eyes anymore. People seemed fascinated to see a guy who had those infamous “plugs.” Over the years, I became more and more reluctant to go out. I was very uncomfortable and avoided any circumstances that put me in close proximity with anyone else. I missed many social events and even jeopardized my career by avoiding important meetings, all in my attempt to avoid close encounters with people.

After many attempts to find someone who could help me, I finally heard about Dr. Robert Bernstein. I must admit I was not too confident that anything could be done to help me. I was wrong. Dr. Bernstein examined me and explained in detail exactly what needed to be done. First, he removed many of the old, huge plugs and divided them into individual single-follicle grafts with one, two or three hairs (just as nature grows them) and put them back. After a couple of these plug-removing procedures, I had the first of two hair transplant operations, all involving single-follicle hair grafts. The results of these procedures far exceeded even my wildest expectations. My new hairline rivals the one God gave me. It is completely natural. There isn’t a plug in sight.

Today, I feel confident and comfortable in even the closest of circumstances. I now seek out the kind of social situations I once feared. Dr. Bernstein is a remarkably talented man who is the best in his field. I recommend him to anyone who is thinking about getting their hair restored to its original and youthful appearance. For those who have been suffering from bad “plug” jobs and despair over living their life as a marked man, I’d like to give you hope that you can be made whole again. You can look natural and be proud of your appearance again. Dr. Bernstein can give you back your confidence. My life has changed incredibly for the better, and I owe it to him.

W. R.



Hello Dr. Bernstein,

I’m back in Dublin again and am closely following all my post-op instructions. I enjoyed my day in the surgery, much more than I every expected (surgery is never fun).

There was a reassuring sense of everybody knowing exactly what they were supposed to be doing; this had a calming effect on me. Actually having had the work done marks the end of a two-year search for the best option for me. I am very pleased. Thank you all again!

D. A.



Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I just wanted to follow up by saying, Thank You. Although it has only been three weeks, I thought that you and your staff should know that you were great. Your team was very friendly towards me and my fiancée who waited patiently in the lobby. Since, I have somewhat good coverage on the top of my head, no one could really tell except one person… and at my company, the hair and makeup buyer was the only one who… noticed my goatee and my new Caesar style haircut… and that was it. Unless I told the person, they had no idea that anything was different with me. As for those I had informed prior to my visit, they thought it looked very good and, more importantly, natural… as expected. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks again for your outstanding precision and professionalism. In the event you are conducting seminars in my area, do not hesitate to call me if you would like me to be a part of your presentation. I know that in the beginning, my biggest concern was the post surgery, and after going through it, it was very manageable and not that much of a hassle. The sutures are in healing in the back and are undetected, and more importantly my stubble of my head is starting to do their thing. My dad actually grabbed the back of my head and didn’t even hurt the stitches nor did he detect anything. Let’s put it this way… I didn’t tell him I was having the surgery performed.

Once again I appreciate the time you and your team spent with me. I look forward to the results of your hard work. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call. If you plan on doing an infomercial, by all means keep me in mind.


J. C.


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