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Atera FUE-100

The Atera FUE-100 hair restoration system addresses the minimally-invasive follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure with a technological enhancement of prior suction-based, manual FUE techniques.

The FUE-100 system utilizes a hand-piece with depth control and a unique saline injection system that the company claims maximizes the viability of follicular unit grafts. The hand-piece provides the surgeon with the option of using one of three different size harvesting punches (0.8mm, 0.95mm, and 1.05mm). Like the Neograft and SmartGraft systems, the Atera FUE-100 system uses a single-punch, suction technique.

Atera FUE-100 Hand-piece

After extraction with the hand-piece, the separated follicular unit grafts are sucked into a tube, then deposited into an “enhanced follicle collection system,” which counts, moistens, and cools the grafts as they await manual placement into recipient sites that are created in balding areas.

COMMENT: Although Atera is a motorized system, it is a manually operated, hand-held device that lacks robotic precision and control.

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