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Hair Loss & Replacement for DummiesThis is a newly revised edition of the popular Hair Loss & Replacement for Dummies. The 2011 edition, written by internationally-respected hair transplant pioneers Dr. William R. Rassman and Dr. Robert M. Bernstein with contributions from Dr. Jae P. Pak and Dr. Eric S. Schweiger, presents the latest information on a variety of topics of interest to those suffering from hair loss. The updated edition book discusses the latest in laser light and medical treatments for hair loss, the recent advances in Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation and the new, minimally invasive hair transplant technique, Follicular Unit Extraction.

The 2011 edition is a limited edition text available at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration in New York City. The 2008 edition is still available online. Click here to go to where you can buy the book, or click here to go to Amazon to buy the electronic version for your Kindle e-book reader.

Hair Loss & Replacement for Dummies is filled with important information for men and women of virtually all ages anxious to preserve their full head of hair, put the brakes on balding, or explore the safest and most reliable hair replacement techniques currently available. The hair transplant book offers readers not only the full gamut of modern-day hair-care options but crucial tips on how to avoid unscrupulous hair transplant doctors and potentially harmful products as well.

Topics include:

  • Getting To Know Your Hair – What Causes Hair Loss, The Devastation Of Hair Loss In Women, Undergoing Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Splitting Hairs – How Hair Grows, Aging Hair, Hair & Ethnicity, Maintaining Self-Esteem in the Face of Hair Loss
  • Taking Better Care Of Your Hair – Washing & Drying Your Hair Correctly, Avoiding Hair Damage, Caring For Childrens’ Hair
  • Understanding The How & Why Of Hair Loss – Stress & Hair Loss, Environmental Issues, Male Pattern Thinning In Men and Women, Diseases & Disorders That Cause Hair Loss
  • Creative Techniques For Concealing Hair Loss – A Brief History of “Rugs”, Today’s Toupees
  • Taking Prescription Medications For Hair Loss – Being Aware of Side Effects
  • Supplementing Your Diet To Help Slow Hair Loss – Pumping Up Proteins, Minding Your Mineral Intake
  • Hair Transplant Surgery – Do You Really Need A Hair Transplant, Psychological Considerations, Choosing A Doctor, Possible Complications, Heading Home With A New Head Of Hair!

For further reading see the transcript of an interview with Dr. Bernstein about the book, the original press release, or purchase the book at (purchase the Kindle version).

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