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Hair Transplant Before After Photos

View our before and after hair transplant photo galleries, with over 1200 photos of hair restoration results in more than 220 patients.

    Men's Portrait Gallery

    View before and after photos of our male hair transplant patients and see results of each session.

    Men's Hairline Gallery

    View before and after photos showing the variety of natural hairlines created using follicular unit transplant techniques.

    Women's Gallery

    View before after photos of some of our female hair transplant patients who came to us with diffuse frontal thinning or traction alopecia.

    Repair Gallery

    View hair transplant repair work accomplished by removing and redistributing grafts from outdated hair transplant techniques.

    Eyebrow Transplant Gallery

    View hair transplant results in some of our eyebrow restoration patients.

    Crown Transplant Gallery

    View before and after photos of our isolated crown transplant patients.

    Norwood Class

    Hair Transplant Photos by Norwood Class

    View hair transplant photos of male patients organized by Norwood Class.

    Ludwig Class

    Hair Transplant Photos by Ludwig Class

    View before & after photos of our female patients by their Ludwig Class.

    Browse hair transplant photos by other characteristics:


    Hair Character

    Hair Weight

    Donor Hair Density

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