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We are pleased to offer three types of consultations:
  1. In-office Consultation: An appointment with a physician in our physical office.
    This is preferred because it allows your physician to examine you and make specific recommendations regarding medication and surgery.
  2. Virtual Consultation: A video visit with a physician.
    This is available to new and existing patients who cannot make it to our NYC office. Virtual consultations may not be recommended for every type of hair loss.
  3. Surgical Photo Assessment: Preliminary photo evaluation for hair restoration surgery via email (complimentary).

Please note that virtual consultation and photo assessments do not substitute for an in-office consultation which is often required for surgery. All consultations, in any form, are confidential.

Please refer to our Consultation Fees & Hair Transplant Cost page for fee details.

Please fill out the information below or call our office 212.826.2400

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