Video: FUT Hair Transplant Demonstration: Strip Harvesting
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January 29th, 2014

In Part 2 of our two-video series on FUT, Dr. Bernstein walks us through preparing the hair transplant patient’s donor area before harvesting the donor strip. The donor area is shaved and injections of anesthetic are administered. Dr. Bernstein then incises the donor area so he can remove the thin strip of skin containing the follicular units that form the basis of the hair transplant procedure. After removal, the strip is placed into a dish containing Ringer’s Lactate at room temperature before going to the dissecting table. From there, we see the painstaking process of dissecting out the individual follicular unit grafts for later placement into balding areas of the scalp. Dissected grafts are held in a special chilled biologic solution to maximize graft survival. Next, watch our video series showing a Robotic FUE hair transplant! Start with Part 1: Donor Area Preparation. Related Posts: Topic:  

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