Video: Simultaneous Robotic Incision and Manual Extraction
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August 13th, 2018

In this video Dr. Bernstein demonstrates the simultaneous robotic excision and manual extraction of individual hair follicles using the ARTAS 9x Robotic Hair Transplant System. The video highlights new features of the ARTAS Robot that make hair transplant procedures faster and more efficient. Below is a full transcript of the video.
The tensioner is an instrument that the robot uses to orient itself with the patient's scalp and hair follicles. I just applied it with my left hand and stabilized it with my right, using the straps to fix it to the patient's head. The new robot can essentially read this fiducial from across the room. It first identifies it, hovers, and then comes closer, goes into focus and aligns itself with the follicles. The advantage of this new yellow fiducial is that it allows the robot to use white light. The white light is easy on the eyes, so as the robot makes the incisions, which are parallel to the hair follicles, one of our medical staff can remove the hair follicles simultaneously. This greatly speeds up the process.
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