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September 29th, 2017

Dr. Robert M. Bernstein contributed to a video about Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration. In this video, Dr. Bernstein discusses how he began his career in hair restoration and the vital role he played in its evolution. Dr. Wolfeld explains what to expect from a hair loss consultation at Bernstein Medical, the treatment options, and his motivation for working in the field of hair restoration. Transcript of the video:
Hi, I'm Dr. Bernstein, welcome to Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration. We founded Bernstein Medical in 2005 to provide state-of-the-art surgical treatment for hair loss. In the mid-90s I got interested in surgical hair restoration when I realized there were really not very good options. People were just not getting results that look natural. So, I developed a procedure called Follicular Unit Transplantation where we use individual groups of 1-4 hairs and this mimics exactly the way hair grows in nature. We are involved in the research of state of the art technology, so we use robotic technologies, lasers – everything that is cutting edge and can best benefit our patients. It's really been great working with Dr. Bernstein, who is a pioneer in the field of hair restoration. We really have an opportunity to help patients who are concerned regarding their thinning hair. During the consultation, both men and women, they have a lot of questions, they don’t know how to treat [their hair loss]. We’ll review all the medical and surgical options available and tailor the treatment to the individual patient. The medical option may include treatments such as finasteride. If a patient is a candidate for a hair transplant procedure, we will review the types of procedures and which one might be best for them. To be able to offer someone a treatment that provides a significant result - that has changed their lives, and their capability of going out in public and being more comfortable with their appearance - we’re very appreciative of that opportunity. And that’s really why we enjoy doing what we do, to see that level of happiness and satisfaction on the face of our patients.
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