Robotic Hair Transplant Part 2b: Recipient Site Creation

April 1st, 2014
Dr. Bernstein and team demonstrate the recipient site creation capability of the ARTAS® Robotic System in Robotic FUE hair transplants

Part 2b:
Robotic Recipient Site Creation

Dr. Robert M. Bernstein and the team at Restoration Robotics, Inc., use the facility at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration in New York City, to demonstrate recipient site creation capability of the ARTAS® System.

At the 2nd ARTAS User Group Meeting in February 2014, Dr. Bernstein introduced robotic recipient site creation using the ARTAS Robotic System. The addition of recipient site creation to the robot, which until now was used solely to extract follicular units, brings the system closer to performing all critical aspects of a hair transplant procedure.

In using the updated ARTAS robot, the doctor takes photographs of the patient which are fed into the robot’s computer system. The ARTAS™ Hair Studio converts the photos into a 3-D model of the patient. This model can be manipulated and saved for use in the patient’s procedure. The physician then designs the recipient site incisions in order to create the most natural looking hair transplant. During the procedure, the robot uses its guidance technology to avoid existing hairs while creating up to 1,500 recipient sites per hour. The automation of recipient site creation improves a procedure that, with manual tools, can be physically demanding and prone to human error.

The final step of a robotic hair transplant is the automated insertion of follicular units into recipient sites created by the ARTAS. This step is likely 2 or more years away from use in a hair restoration clinic.

Watch the final video in our series on Robotic FUE procedures: Part 3: Robotic Graft Harvesting.

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Video of the ARTAS Robot Harvesting Follicular Units

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