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September 18th, 2017

Michael Owen, a hair transplant patient at Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration, explains where his hair loss journey began and how he discovered Dr. Bernstein. He provides an account of his experience at Bernstein Medical. The procedure was performed using the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System, manufactured by Restoration Robotics. Dr. Bernstein is the medical advisor to the company. Transcript of the video:
There’s a great quote from Aldo Gucci from 1939 that says, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” And I live by that quote because the time, dedication, and investment that you put in today will last for a very long time. My name is Michael Owen, I am a U.S. Army veteran. My initial hair loss started in my early thirties. But because I had a military haircut for so long, it was not something that I thought a lot about. I knew the quality and caliber, and the expertise of Dr. Bernstein and his team. I felt extremely comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Bernstein and his whole team were great. The relaxing portion of our first procedure was good music, good conversation – the lunch was awesome. But just the professionalism of the whole team was really nice. They explained to me, in great length and detail, during the whole procedure, of what was transpiring, why the robot was doing what it was doing, the steps that they were going to take to ensure great growth. My procedure originally was on a Wednesday or Thursday – I was back to work the following Monday.
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