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Hair loss affects millions of men and women and can be a difficult and emotional problem for many. Fortunately, there are effective preventive measures that one can take if the condition is diagnosed early and there are successful treatments if your hair loss has progressed. The purpose of The Guide to Hair Restoration is to give you a better understanding of this common problem and to provide you with the tools to make the best possible choices if treatment is needed.

Although the emphasis of this text will be on our pioneering hair restoration procedure Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation, a surgical approach is not right for everyone. Many patients will benefit from treatment with medication alone or no treatment at all. The decision to seek treatment for hair loss is sometimes a difficult one and always very personal. At times the psychological impact of hair loss gets in the way of clear thinking and proper guidance will be the most important part of therapy. Hopefully, this book will help the reader keep things in perspective so that the right decisions will be made.

This book covers the basics of hair and hair loss, medical treatments for balding and modern hair transplant surgery. It will explain, in simple terms, the actual hair restoration process and offer tips on how to get the best possible care.

The Guide to Hair Restoration is based on the original text “The Patient’s Guide to Hair Restoration” by Rassman and Bernstein. The new book has the same easy-to-understand writing that explains the causes of hair loss, how it is diagnosed and how baldness is best treated using medications and hair replacement surgery. The new writing incorporates the many advances in both the medical and surgical management of hair loss that have occurred since the last publication. This digital format allows for constant updating with the newest, most important information. The title, “The Patient’s Guide to Hair Restoration,” has been changed to The Guide to Hair Restoration, since one doesn’t have to become a hair transplant patient to find value in this book.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Brief History of Hair
Chapter 2 Hair and Its Functions
Chapter 3 Causes of Hair Loss
Chapter 4 Hereditary Baldness
Chapter 5 Psychology of Hair Loss
Chapter 6 Hair Loss Medications
Chapter 7 Hair Transplant Basics
Chapter 8 Follicular Unit Transplantation
Chapter 9 Follicular Unit Extraction
Chapter 10 Master Plan for Restoring Hair
Chapter 11 Goals and Expectations
Chapter 12 Numbers of Grafts Needed
Chapter 13 Hair Transplant Repair
Chapter 14 Hair Loss in Women
Chapter 15 Hair Systems and Camouflage
Chapter 16 Preparing for a Hair Transplant
Chapter 17 The Hair Restoration Procedure
Chapter 18 What to Expect Following Surgery
Chapter 19 Hair Transplant Fallacies
Chapter 20 Choosing Your Doctor
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