Video: Importance of In-Person Hair Loss Consultations
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September 1st, 2011

Dr. Bernstein discusses the importance of a thorough in-person consultation to determine the hair loss patient's needs, and to get their expectations in line with the kind of results that treatment can accomplish for them. Below is a transcript of the video interview:
"My staff sometimes teases me because my opening question is always 'What's up?' And I think it's very important because very often we're very surprised what people come into the office for. And I think what we think might be bothering a person might be totally different from what's actually bothering them. I think an open ended question initially really gets a sense what's in the patient's mind. Because that's what we're trying to help. Then the next thing that's important is to do a very thorough evaluation and that comes with a very extensive history. And then a very detailed examination. In our office, we measure density, scalp laxity, the hair counts, miniaturization so we really try to get a sense of what the hair reserves are. And then to find out exactly what their needs are and to put the two together. You have to make sure what they actually want is what we can actually do. And in many cases, they're very different at least initially. And then part of the consultation is to try to have them come together and try to get their expectations to match what we can actually do for them."
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