Video: The Personal Impact Of Hair Transplantation
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November 26th, 2012

Hair loss can be devastating for both men and women who suffer from it. While not every person suffering from hair loss is medically indicated for a hair transplant, many who have the procedure feel a sense of renewal of confidence. For some, who have spent years hiding or camouflaging their hair loss, the freedom of having a full head of hair can be life-changing. In this video, Dr. Bernstein describes how some of his patients have benefited from hair transplant surgery. After watching the video, go read some letters from our hair transplant patients that we have received.
Many patients say to us that the hair transplant was a life-changing event for them. So for patients that are completely bald and are really bothered by it, a hair transplant really can do a lot for their confidence, for their self-image. For the people that are bothered by hair loss, this is really a wonderful procedure. There are also people for their careers they really need a lot of hair. They are in the media, they do television commercials, they are news commentators. It's very important [for them] to have this youthful image that really is defined by their hairline. There are other patients that really just don't like the idea of getting older and they want to improve their appearance. They do other things. They stay out of the sun. They exercise. Unfortunately, hair loss is something you can't control on your own, so in this case we have to assist it with either medications or, if that's not sufficient, then surgery.
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