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Hair loss can be devastating for both men and women who suffer from it. While not every person suffering from hair loss is medically indicated for a hair transplant, many who have the procedure feel a sense of renewal of confidence. For some, who have spent years hiding or camouflaging their hair loss, the freedom of having a full head of hair can be life-changing. In this video, Dr. Bernstein describes how some of his patients have benefited from hair transplant surgery. After watching the video, go read some letters from our hair transplant patients that we have received.

Dr. Bernstein answers a common question about the most important thing for a patient to know after a hair transplant.

In this clip of a video interview with Dr. Bernstein, the doctor describes why current hair transplant techniques achieve such natural results — especially when compared to the old “hair plug” methods.

In this clip, Dr. Bernstein discusses what he likes most about performing hair transplant surgery, especially how patients react to seeing the difference in their appearance between their before and after photos.

Dr. Bernstein discusses the evolution of hair transplantation and what hair transplant surgery can accomplish today using the latest hair restoration techniques.

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