Video: Patient's Comfort During Hair Transplant Important
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October 1st, 2011

Dr. Bernstein discusses, in this video interview with Hair Transplant Network, what a typical hair transplant procedure is like at his hair restoration clinic, including the level of comfort and pain.

Here is a more detailed summary of the video:

“Patients always ask how long their procedure is and when we tell them it’s a full day, they’re always shocked. But I think in actuality, it’s a very pleasant experience for them. Patients are sitting watching TV. We give them some drugs in the beginning to relax them. We do all the dissecting, the entire procedure is done under microscopes. There are a lot of people around. So it’s a very interactive thing. Some people like to watch and see every little detail of the procedure and some people just want to zone out. But it’s a very comfortable experience. You can get up and use the bathroom during the procedure. You eat during the break, so it’s really not a bad day. Most people try to do some of their work and are on the cell phones, but they typically stop that very early. I think it’s a much more comfortable experience than people think. It’s not like an operating room where there’s no to little interaction between the hair transplant patient and the staff.”

Video clip provided by Hair Transplant Network

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