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Hair Restoration Answers Bernstein Medical’s Hair Restoration Answers section is devoted to answering patient questions about surgical hair restoration and the medical treatment of hair loss. It covers a wide variety of subjects including new hair transplant techniques, hair transplant repair, medical therapies, hair cloning, and diagnostic challenges.
The Bald Truth Hair loss consumer resource including recommended hair loss products, discussion forums, chat, and much more hair loss information. Read More »»
IAHRS The IAHRS is a patient’s advocate, profiling ethical physicians members and the state-of-the-art in hair restoration.
Hair Transplant Network The Hair Transplant Network helps hair loss sufferers share ideas and experiences about treatments and hair restoration physicians. This popular online community includes hundreds of patient photos, recommendations for over 50 of the world’s leading hair restoration physicians and a popular hair loss discussion forum. Read More »»
American Hair Loss Association The American Hair Loss Association is a national, non-profit membership organization dedicated to educating the public, healthcare professionals, main stream media and legislators about hair loss. Read More »»
Hair Loss Learning Center The multimedia Hair Loss Learning Center provides animations, videos, live help and discussion to enable hair loss sufferers to evaluate all treatments options and find quality hair restoration physicians in their area. This educational resource is sponsored by the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians
Hair Loss Help Information on hair loss treatments. Has forums and chats on hair loss therapies. Has information on Rogaine, Propecia as well as other medications, hair loss research, natural treatments and cosmetic cover-ups. Read More »»
Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians The Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians is a carefully selected group of skilled and ethical physicians who are united in providing patients with outstanding education and results.
Hair Restoration Research Center The Hair Restoration Research Center offers expert articles written by leading hair restoration physicians. Learn about all hair restoration treatments. This sites is sponsored by the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.
Hair Transplant Magazine provides individuals considering a hair transplant procedure with information and accurate accounts of personal experiences prior to having the procedure and further, to refer such individuals to reputable surgeons within the hair transplant industry.
Hair Loss Directory The Hair Loss Directory provides experts, research, products and answers to your most frequently asked questions about hair loss.
Hair Transplant Docs Online hair transplant directory. Providing the potential hair restoration patient the unique ability to interact with hair transplant doctors online.
Regrowth Hair loss treatment information including treatment information, product reviews, articles, blogs, forums and more. is one of the world’s largest and longest running websites for consumer hair loss information for men and women. World’s #1 in links popularity among all hair loss websites – independently verified.
Hair Transplant Help Desk Information on hair loss and hair transplant procedures. A guide to male and female hair loss and information on hair transplants.
The American Hair Loss Council The American Hair Loss Council is a not-for-profit membership agency composed of hair restoration professionals, manufacturers and service providers. The AHLC provides information to consumers to help them better understand hair loss, its causes and treatment. An information portal with video and articles,including video interviews with Dr. Bernstein.
Clone My Hair Articles, video, discussion forums, message boards and live chats regarding future options for hair loss treatment. Detailed information on alopecia specifically on Propecia. Hairloss offers scientific information on male pattern baldness, female hair loss, and treatment options for baldness and hair loss.
Hair Loss Research Articles by Hair Transplant Physicians. Search for hair loss and hair transplant related information.
Hair Loss Talk Specializing in consumer interaction and the exchange of information on hair loss treatment options and alternatives. Includes member photos with treatment regimens, hosted chat, transcripts of past events, discussion forum, product reviews, question & answer sessions with product creators, and more.
Hair Transplant Medical Filled with valuable articles and resources to help users with all of their questions regarding hair loss options.
Regrow Hair A multimedia site helping users to find the treatment that is right for them. Also provides online evaluations by leading hair loss doctors geographically. Visit their community blog called the “Hair Loss Q & A Blog”.
Hair Loss Central is a resource guide for hair transplant, hair loss products and services. Contents include: hair growth treatments, hair loss concealers, toupee, wigs, hairpieces, vitamins for hair loss, hair care tips and hair transplant surgeon’s directory.
Alopecia Areata Support Group serves as a meeting place, a home for people who want to share their feelings, info, ask questions and connect with people who are dealing with the same hair disease challenges as they are.
Hair Loss Advance offers articles and a searchable local directory of business listings for hair clinics, hair loss treatment companies, and medical and surgical hair restoration locations. Q&A regarding the causes of hair loss in men and women.

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