Hair Curvature in Hairlines
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Mohammad H. Mohmand, M.D.
International Laser Hair Transplant Surgery Center, Islamabad, Pakistan.

SUMMARY of Dr. Mohmand’s Abstract from his presentation at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 2005 – Sidney, Australia

The objective of this presentation is to share our experience and observations regarding the importance of the angle of curvature of the hair shaft during the hair transplant for producing a natural looking hairline.

Four important factors were kept in mind while performing the hair transplant regarding the natural looking hairline: 1) Avoidance of a straight line, 2) Keeping a transition zone between the bare forehead and the dense packing, 3) Density, 4) The acute angle of exit from the skin, 5) The angle of curvature of the hair shaft.

In our experience, since incorporating the angle of curvature of the hair shaft, the naturalness of the hairline has improved significantly. This is especially true for the frontal hair rows and the temporal peaks.

Almost all the patients were satisfied with the technique and the naturalness of the surgery. The main difference was noticed in the patients who underwent a second or third session. They could really appreciate the difference. This technique allows the hair to fall on the forehead, giving softness to the hair transplant.

From our initial limited experience, we believe by taking into account the natural curvature of the hair shaft, one can bring more naturalness to the already existing techniques. We are all in pursuit of mimicking nature as closely as possible. This is just another small little point that can help.

Dr. Bernstein’s Comment – Dr. Mohmand’s attention to hair curvature at the frontal hairline adds another interesting refinement to follicular unit hair transplantation. Considering the curvature of the hair is particularly important in eyebrow restoration where even the slightest misalignment of hair has a significant impact on the aesthetics of the restoration.

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