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What Is The Most Important Thing To Know After A Hair Transplant?

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May 9th, 2012

Dr. Bernstein answers a common question from people who are considering a hair transplant, what is the most important thing to know after a hair transplant? Here is a transcript of the video:
The most important thing to know after a hair transplant is that it takes a while for the hair to grow in. No matter how much we tell patients that it takes 10 weeks, 3 months, for the hair to start growing in once people have the procedure, they're excited because they see that stubble of hair right after the surgery and they think it's going to continue to grow. But, unfortunately, it doesn't. That hair is shed. And then about 10 weeks to three months later the hair starts to grow in, and it grows in very gradually. So it is really important to be patient and, basically, forget about the whole thing, and just wake up a year later and the hair will be grown in. Kidding aside, the hair starts to grow in as very very soft, vellusy hair at about ten weeks. Then it gradually increases in thickness, and in length, over the course of a year. At a year, with a first hair transplant, we see about 90% of the benefit. Sometimes the wave can come back in the transplant even in the second year. So, 90% in the first year and then some modifications or maturity of the transplant sometimes can occur later on. If people have a second hair transplant, for some reason the growth seems to be a tiny bit slower. Sometimes 18 months might be average to see the full results.
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