Video: How Long After Hair Transplant Can Grafts Fall Out?
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November 6th, 2011

Dr. Bernstein answers a frequently-asked question about caring for your scalp after your hair transplant. Transplanted follicular unit grafts become permanent in the scalp after 10 days. Here is a more detailed summary of the video:
This is a very common question, and doctors for many years just winged the answer. In 2006 Dr. Rasman and I did a very controlled study to see how long it actually took before grafts were permanent. Surprisingly it was 9 days. Some of the grafts started to become permanent at 6 or 7 [days], but at 9 days every graft that we tested over a series of a number of patients were permanent. So if you tugged on the top of the graft, the hair would come out, but the actual follicle would stay in place. The reason why this is important is because after the hair transplant we have people show the next day, but they have to be very gentle not to dislodge the grafts. It's nice to know that starting day 10 you can shampoo or scrub with impunity. So, at 10 days if there's any crusting or residue, you can just scrub that off.
For more information on caring for your scalp after a hair transplant, visit the After FUT Hair Transplant page or the After FUE Hair Transplant page. To read answers to more frequently asked questions about post-operative care, view the Post-op topic in Hair Restoration Answers. Related Posts: Topic:  

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