Video: How Hair Restoration Can Restore One's Self Esteem

How Hair Restoration Can Restore One’s Self Esteem

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September 29th, 2011

In this video clip from an interview with Hair Transplant Network, Dr. Bernstein discusses how restoring a person's hair can improve their self esteem and change their lives. Below is a transcript of the video:
"I think that unfortunately in our society, hair is very important. I think that you can really change people's lives. The thing with this field is that it's a very small field and it's essentially in its infancy. Things have already dramatically changed. I think as individual practioners we're really able to actually move the field in the direction we want, where a lot of the fields in medicine has been very well established. I think in hair restoration, the innovations have really changed the nature of what we can do. The patients are really happy and I think that people really use hair to judge their self esteem and it's just so much a part of how they look and feel. I think we're really improving people's lives."
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