Video: Dr. Bernstein Demonstrates Robotic FUE on Italian TV
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October 16th, 2012

The Italian television channel RAI interviewed Dr. Bernstein about hair transplant surgery, hair loss medication, and the ARTAS Robotic System for FUE. The video is in Italian, but it is worth watching even if you don’t know the language because there are some informative animations about robotic Follicular Unit Extraction in the clip.

Dr. Bernstein lent his expertise on hair loss medications and their efficacy:

“The medications are actually pretty effective for preventing early hair loss, reversing hair loss when it’s early so actually, you’re growing more hair. They are not so effective at growing hair when you’re very bald and they don’t work at all on a totally bald scalp.”

He also spoke to the benefits of using the ARTAS System for Robotic FUE:

“The robot is able to precisely go around the follicular unit, following the angle of the hair into the skin, and then separating the hair from the surrounding tissue.”

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