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ARTAS Users Meeting 2018: Dr Bernstein Discusses Robotic Hair Transplant Techniques

Dr. Bernstein presenting at the ARTAS User Meeting 2018 On March 9th, 2018 at the 2018 ARTAS Users Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada Dr. Robert M. Bernstein, a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University and founder of Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration, presented the latest in Robotic Hair Transplantation using the ARTAS® Robot. Dr. Bernstein described the benefits of the new technology, such as decreased time and increased accuracy of the robotic procedure. Dr. Bernstein Presenting Long-Hair Robotic FUE and software and hardware updates of that ARTAS 9x; such as white LED lights that are easier on the users’ eyes, a base extender, smaller size needle options, a more ergonomic headrest, automated scar detection, faster harvesting, and streamlined ARTAS Hair Studio software.

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Hair Restoration Research

Innovations In Robotic Hair Restoration

Synopsis: With the latest version of the ARTAS platform, 9x, Restoration Robotics has designed a faster and more accurate system for hair transplantation. The improved accuracy of harvesting and shortened procedure time increases graft viability, while smaller needles reduce scarring and allow patients to wear shorter hairstyles. Many of the changes in this upgrade have been made as a response to specific physician feedback.

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Hair Restoration Research

Advances in Robotic FUE

Synopsis: Since the publication of “What’s New in Robotic Hair Transplantation” (Hair Transplant Forum Int’l. 2017; 27(3):100-101), there have been important improvements to the robotic system in both its incision and recipient site creation capabilities. These advances fall into four overlapping categories:increased speed, increased accuracy, increased functionality, and improved artificial intelligence (AI). The overlap occurs since improvements in functionality, accuracy, and AI can also increase the overall speed of the procedure. A faster procedure decreases the time grafts are outside the body and allows the physician to perform larger cases without placing additional oxidative stress on the follicles.

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Hair Restoration Research

Commentary on Redefining the “E” in FUE: Excision = Incision + Extraction

Synopsis:There has been a change in the nomenclature of the FUE procedure. It will not be called Follicular Unit Excision, describing the two main components of an FUE procedure, incision (separatioin of the follicle from the tissue) and extraction (the removal of the follicular unit from the scalp once it is separated). Drs. Robert M. Bernstein and William R. Rassman’s commentary explains the importance of this change in terminology.

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