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Aesthetics of Follicular Transplantation: Summary

Robert M. Bernstein, MD, New York, NY
William R. Rassman, MD, Los Angeles, CA

Dermatologic Surgery 1997; 23(9): 785-799.


Follicular Transplantation is a method of hair restoration surgery which uses hair in its naturally occurring groups called follicular units. Using the follicular unit exclusively in the transplant, the surgeon can create hair patterns that closely mimic nature.


To focus on various aesthetic aspects of the follicular transplantation procedure including hair distribution, hairline design, and crown restoration. Racial variations that affect the transplant will also be examined.


Follicular Transplantation is performed according to techniques detailed in a previous publication (Bernstein et al. Int J Aest Rest Surg 1995;119-32).


Excellent cosmetic results can be achieved when aesthetic decisions are made which allow the surgeon to recreate hair patterns already provided by nature. A case study will be presented.


The small size of follicular implants enables the surgeon great versatility in their placement. Follicular Transplantation will ensure a natural looking transplant if used with good aesthetic judgment and careful planning.

© 1997 by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc. Dermatol Surg 1997;23:785-799).

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