Video: Can Propecia Or Rogaine Improve Receding Hairline?
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December 8th, 2011

In this clip, Dr. Bernstein discusses the efficacy of Propecia and Rogaine hair loss medications on the front of the scalp. Here is a more detailed summary of the video:
Once hair is totally lost, medications such as Propecia (the brand name for it is Finasteride), or Minoxidil (the brand name is Rogaine), can't really do anything. The reason is, the medicines work by reversing the miniaturization process. In other words, in genetic hair loss hairs progressively get finer until they disappear. These medicines can take a fine hair and then make them thicker, but they can't grow hair on a totally bald scalp. So they can't actually lower your hairline. But the important thing is, even though the medicines can't lower your hairline, they actually do work in the front of the scalp and it's very important to use them for this purpose. Unfortunately, the drug companies tested the medication in the crown, and therefore they are limited to saying, in package insert, that they only should be applied in the crown. However, since the disease process is exactly the same in the front and back of the scalp, it's only logical that it should work in the front of the scalp also. And, in fact, they do work in the front very very well. So, although they may not grow new hair in the front of the scalp, they certainly can thicken hair in the front of the scalp, and they can prevent further hair loss in the front. So, just to use the medicines for the back really doesn't make any sense. On our website, we've posted a series of photos showing how effective these medicines can be in the front of the scalp. And if you go into the Medications section on, you can see a series of photos that -- these are all very recent, you can see how many there are. These are all patients who were on medicines for about a year. [They] usually used a combination of both Propecia and Minoxidil, but some of them were on Propecia alone and it will say it under the photo.
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