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Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration welcomes men and women from New Jersey who are seeking treatment for their hair loss using the most advanced technologies. Dr. Robert M. Bernstein, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University in New York and world-renowned hair restoration physician, conducts hair loss consultations and performs his pioneering FUT and Robotic FUE surgery for NJ based patients at our state-of-the-art facility in midtown Manhattan.

Prospective hair restoration patients based in New Jersey are welcome to visit our New York Center for a hair loss consultation, where you will have a detailed evaluation of your hair loss and a discussion with the doctor on the nature of your hair loss. You will be presented with the physician’s best therapeutic options, including treatment with hair loss medication or surgical hair transplantation. Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Wolfeld conduct the consultations for male patients.

Robotic Hair Transplants

Bernstein Medical is a leader in using advanced robotic technology in hair restoration. We are among the first facilities in the world to use the ARTAS™ Robotic System to perform follicular unit extraction. FUE is a procedure, pioneered by Dr. Bernstein, that avoids a linear scar in the donor area characteristic of more traditional hair transplants. Our state-of-the-art practice is a beta-test site for Restoration Robotics, Inc., the company that developed the robotic system. Dr. Bernstein is also a medical advisor to the company.

Every FUE procedure performed at Bernstein Medical uses the precision of the ARTAS robot. The image-guided robotic hair transplant system reduces the length of the FUE procedure, increases the number of grafts that survive the transplant process, and increases accuracy of graft extraction. Besides enhancing the core technology, we are introducing new applications of the robotic system including automated recipient site creation and computer modeling software — called ARTAS Hair Studio™ — that lets patients visualize the results of their hair restoration.

Travel to Bernstein Medical from New Jersey

Note: In-person consultations are preferred because an exam allows the doctor to better evaluate your hair loss. Schedule a Physician Consult

We frequently see NJ hair transplant patients because of our location in New York City. We are easily accessible by mass transportation lines that run throughout New Jersey and enter NYC. Patients often take the PATH train or NJ Transit trains and buses from Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, Ft. Lee, Edison, Wayne, Trenton, Englewood, Tenafly, Hackensack, Paramus, and elsewhere in New Jersey.

Patients traveling from Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County and other parts of New Jersey can call our office or view directions to Bernstein Medical.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is accomplished using Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the hair transplant techniques pioneered by Dr. Bernstein. The procedure will be carried out in our New York City Center for Hair Restoration with the utmost attention to aesthetic detail and patient comfort. Dr. Bernstein performs all surgeries for both men and women.

See our pages describing the FUT procedure and FUE procedure for more information on how we make you feel at ease and physically comfortable throughout the procedure. See some before and after hair transplant photos of our patients.

If a hair transplant is recommended for a patient traveling from New Jersey, our office will help the patient schedule the procedure, arrange travel plans, and of course answer any questions about pre-op instructions or post-op instructions.

Medical Hair Restoration

Although Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration is focused on providing state-of-the-art surgical procedures for hair loss sufferers from New Jersey and elsewhere, hair transplantation is only considered when the physician determines that the patient would be a good candidate for surgery and when other options have proven ineffective. Dr. Bernstein is widely respected for his honest and ethical assessment of a patient’s treatment options, and will only prescribe what he finds to be most effective for the patient on a case-by-case basis.

Hair Transplant Repair

Dr. Bernstein devotes a significant portion of his time performing hair transplant repair procedures for New Jersey patients who have been referred to our practice due to poorly-performed hair transplants, procedures which used out-dated techniques, or difficult surgical hair restoration cases. In cases where the patient has an old hair transplant that used so-called “hair plug” grafts, these grafts can be excised, dissected under stereomicroscopes and then re-implanted in a substantially more aesthetic way. This procedure can be combined with FUT or FUE procedures for an even greater restorative effect. See some before and after hair transplant repair photos of our patients.

Dr. Bernstein

Patients from New Jersey will not only appreciate Dr. Bernstein’s professionalism, but will enjoy getting to know him over time. Dr. Bernstein was raised in New York City, but opened his first hair restoration practice in Fort Lee, NJ, and was on the Staff of Englewood Hospital in Englewood, NJ for over ten years. In addition to numerous awards for his pioneering work in hair restoration and media appearances and interviews, Dr. Bernstein has been named to the acclaimed, peer-reviewed “Best Doctors in New York” list for more than 12 consecutive years.

Dr. Bernstein teaches dermatology and hair transplantation at Columbia University in New York City, publishes his work in the major medical journals, and enjoys a variety of activities. His wife, Shizuka Bernstein, owns Shizuka New York, a day spa in midtown Manhattan.

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