There are a variety of solutions that grafts can be stored in during the hair transplant procedure to maintain their viability and insure maximum growth. Our understanding of the ideal holding solution continues to evolve. In our practice, we are currently using HypoThermosol®.


HypoThermosol - Holding Solution for Follicular Unit GraftsHypoThermosol is an optimized hypothermic (low temperature) preservation medium that extends the life of cells, tissues and organs outside the body. It is particularly useful in hair transplant procedures as a holding solution for follicular unit grafts while outside the body waiting placement into the scalp.

HypoThermosol includes components that scavenge free radicals, provide pH buffering, osmotic support, energy substrates and ionic concentrations that balance the intracellular state at low temperatures.

HypoThermosol contains two potent antioxidants, glutathione and a synthetic analog of vitamin E. Its proprietary, optimized formulation mitigates temperature-induced molecular cell stress responses that occur during chilling and re-warming of grafts. This results in significantly extended viability of grafts waiting placement during the hair transplant procedure. It is serum-free and protein-free, giving it hypoallergenic properties.

Temperature Control

Temperature-controled Holding SolutionTo ensure maximum graft survival, it is important that the temperature of the holding solution is maintained at a constant level specific for that medium. To accomplish this, we monitor the temperature of the holding solution throughout the hair restoration procedure using a digital sensor.

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