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Q: I have been using Rogaine and Propecia, but recently purchased a bottle of Nioxin Cleanser/Shampoo. However, I am reluctant to apply it because I have noticed that the Nioxin website recommends against mixing Nioxin products with Rogaine products. The website does not give a chemical/medical explanation, and I have read that the admonishment may be a function of the fact that the two brands have competing products. Do you think that it is safe or advisable to use the Nixon shampoo? Is there any indication that this product is even effective? Also, I have biotin supplements but I’m also reluctant to take them because I’m beginning to feel like a human pharmacy laboratory. Any advice?

A: Nioxin has no active ingredients that can grow hair. There is an increased incidence of scalp irritation when used with Rogaine – i.e., the likely reason for their warning. I would stick with the medications that are proven to work, i.e. finasteride and minoxidil.

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