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Capsule is a digital pharmacy that connects to your doctors and insurance companies directly and delivers your medicine straight to your door – anywhere in New York City. Capsule works to build the first “holistic” pharmacy that simplifies the process for all parties involved – patients, doctors and insurers. The service allows the doctor to call in a prescription to a Capsule trained pharmacist, who will fill the prescription that gets delivered to you.
Dr. Bernstein’s revolutionary work in developing hair transplant techniques that have tremendously increased the standard of care within the field of hair restoration aligns with Capsule’s focus on patient care and innovation. Dr. Bernstein was interviewed by a journalist from Capsule about his ongoing role in the advancements of hair transplant surgery.


Dr. Bernstein is a cosmetic dermatologist that became interested in hair restoration after seeing unnatural results from traditional techniques. In 1994, Dr. Bernstein finally saw a hair transplant patient with good results; the patient said his doctor was Dr. William R. Rassman, an LA based surgeon.

“Dr. Rassman was giving a lecture at a hair symposium in Canada the following week, so I took a few days off, bought a ticket up to the conference, and for the first time saw mini-micrografting — a procedure that takes a long, thin strip out of the scalp, cuts it up into small pieces, and then re-inserts them into the balding areas. Of course, I went up to speak to Dr. Rassman afterwards and we hit it off.”

Dr. Bernstein went to study under Dr. Rassman, the doctor that performed the only hair transplant he had ever seen with positive results up until that time. Once he started, Dr. Bernstein worked to refine and improve on the technique. Dr. Bernstein developed Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) with Dr. Rassman and then Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) further revolutionizing the industry and providing patients with completely natural results. Then in 2011, Dr. Bernstein worked with Restoration Robotics, the medical device company that developed the ARTAS Robot, the first robot made to aid in hair transplant surgery. Dr. Bernstein is now a medical advisor to the company and many upgrades have been either initiated or beta-tested at Bernstein Medical. Dr. Bernstein has worked with Restoration Robotics’ engineers to develop new technologies and techniques to increase the patient experience and provide the best results.
Dr. Bernstein received the highest honor awarded by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the Platinum Follicle Award, for his achievement in research of hair transplantation that revolutionized the standard of care in this field. Read the full interview on the Capsule Blog!

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