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Dr. Bernstein, ARTAS Robot for FUE in Brazil's Veja MagazineDr. Bernstein was quoted in an article on robotic follicular unit extraction (FUE) that appeared in Brazil’s Veja Magazine. It is titled, “Vai Ficar Mais Fácil Deixar de Ser Careca,” which translates to, “It Will Be Easier To Stop Being Bald.”

The article describes how the ARTAS System improves on traditional FUE procedures. It contains a diagram which shows that the hair transplant robot can extract almost twice as many follicular units as extraction techniques that use manual methods. Whereas manual procedures can yield about 400 follicular units in one hour, the robot for FUE can extract 750 units in an hour. The article indicates that the total duration of a hair transplant procedure can be significantly reduced using the new robotic system.

The magazine, which focuses on Brazilian business and culture, quotes Dr. Bernstein:

“É muito difícil retirar os folículos manualmente”, diz Robert Bernstein, um dos pioneiros a fazer o transplante capilar manual e a user o ARTAS.”

Translated, it reads:

“It is very difficult to manually remove the follicles,” says Dr. Robert Bernstein, one of the pioneers of manual hair transplants and of the ARTAS System.

The person pictured with the article is celebrity actor Bruce Willis. Under the photo is the caption “Duro de Crescer: Raros são os atores, como Bruce Willis, para quem a ausência de fios só faz aumentar o charme.” This translates to: “Hard to Grow: Rare are the actors like Bruce Willis, for whom the absence of hair increases the charm.”

Bernstein Medical – Center for Hair Restoration treats patients from all over the world, including Brazil and South America. Anyone who is unable to visit our center in New York City for a consultation may submit a photo consultation.

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Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis - Image c/o
Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis sport “power alleys”

A hair transplant won’t be medically indicated in some patients. Hair loss treatments may not sufficiently restore fullness in every patient. But as an article in AOL’s makes clear, balding can be bad-ass. reporter Brett Smiley interviewed Dr. Bernstein to get his take on hair loss and the balding pattern known as a “power alley”:

Power alley is an accurate term for that type of balding,” says Dr. Robert M. Bernstein, a clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia University and world-renowned hair-transplant surgeon. “It’s Norwood Class III balding, which is the most common type.”


“People with bald parents are the most susceptible to hair loss,” says Dr. Bernstein. “And it can happen at any age. I’ve seen patients in their late teens begin to lose their hair.”

Even though we have a healthy head of hair, Asylum pays homage below to the many successful men — from athletes to video-game characters — who have proudly sported the power-alley look.

The article cheekily describes the hair loss and “alleys” of several celebrities, including: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, “Iron Mike” Ditka, Jude Law, Danny Glover, ESPN NFL Draft expert Mel Kiper Jr., Florida Gators men’s basketball coach Billy Donovan, and everyone’s favorite virtual celeb, Pizza Pasta from Nintendo’s “Punch-Out!!”

If you are a new visitor to our website, Dr. Bernstein personally conducts hair loss consultations in our facility in midtown Manhattan.

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