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The ARTAS Hair Studio showing the design of the hair transplantThe ARTAS Hair Studio showing the design of the hair transplant

The ARTAS Hair Studio™ is a new, interactive software package that accompanies the ARTAS® Robotic System for Follicular Unit Extraction. The software is a valuable tool for both patient and physician in that it enhances the patient experience during the consultation and design phase of the restoration. Using the ARTAS Hair Studio, physicians can help patients visualize their personalized outcome by showing them potential results on a three-dimensional virtual model of their own head. The software can also be used by the physician as a demonstration tool that helps explain important details of the transplant design. The result is a more interactive, educational experience for the patient.

How It Works

At the consultation, the physician takes photographs of the patient from multiple angles. These are fed into the ARTAS Hair Studio, which then generates a virtual 3-D model of the patient. Next, the doctor creates an individualized plan for the restoration that suits the patient’s hair loss characteristics. The doctor can adjust a number of key variables to determine the personalized plan, including: the hairline position, different density distributions in the balding areas, hair angle, and hair direction. Hair shaft diameter, hair wave, color, and length can also be specified to make the image best resemble the patient. Once these parameters are set, the software updates the 3-D image of the patient, showing virtual hair transplant results which are viewable from any angle. The plan can then be saved, transferred to the ARTAS Robotic System, and used during the actual procedure.

During surgery, the patient’s scalp is shown magnified on a 55″ screen along with the variables that the physician had programmed in advance of the session. Any adjustments to these settings can be made by the doctor during surgery without interrupting the procedure.

Benefits of ARTAS Hair Studio

One of the main challenges in hair transplantation is illustrating for the patient how they will look after surgery. This issue is further complicated when key variables – such as the number of grafts or graft distribution options – are considered. Now, the physician can use different numbers or densities of grafts, and then, with the virtual 3-D model, help the patient visualize the results as it would look on their actual scalp. They can see the difference between 1,000 grafts and 2,000 grafts, or they can better appreciate the rationale for having a lower density in the back of the scalp versus the front.

By using the ARTAS Hair Studio as an interactive tool in consultations, the patient is engaged, physician/patient communication is improved, and the consultation becomes a more useful and informative experience.

Video Overview Of The ARTAS Hair Studio

ARTAS Hair Studio

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