Review #190 - Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration

Review #190

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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration

Dr. Shaver,

I really enjoyed spending time
With the Bernstein Medical staff
Who all worked so hard
To harvest each and every graft.

Then there is the one and only
Dr. Christine Shaver
Who is truly the best
Hair transplant saver.

Everyone is so friendly
Nice and really do care
So, I just felt a need
To share!

They have made me look
Like a complete star
With the only sacrifice of three days
Not being able to go to the bar.

Bernstein Medical for Hair Restoration
Is truly the best place
I always leave there
With a huge smile on my face.

I am forever grateful
To Dr. Shaver and crew
Who have given me
A brand new hair-do.

Thank you for making me comfortable
And for a great day
That is really all
That I have to say.

– loyal patient for life

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