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Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I’m sure you don’t remember me. I had an appointment with you a year ago December. I was suffering from hair loss which I had just discovered was probably from the statins I was taking to lower my cholesterol.

You spend 15 or more minutes with me gently explaining why you couldn’t do a transplant on me at that time and telling me to come back in a year and a half after some of the hair grew back.

In June, it will be a year and a half since I met with you and since I stopped taking the statins. My hair is almost completely grown back; no one but me (and my hair dresser) can tell there are still a few minor thin areas which are filling in nicely. I am controlling my cholesterol through diet and exercise.

I am writing to thank you so very much for your kindness and the time you spent with me. I have recommended you to my hairdresser and 3 doctors who patronizingly told me the hair loss was “due to the aging process”. They all thanked me and promised never to dismiss a similar complaint again without investigating a bit.

Thank you so much for your caring and compassion. Although you couldn’t help me at the time, I left your office with hope and feeling better than I had in a long time.

S. M.

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