Letter #88 - Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration

Letter #88

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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration

Hi Dr. Bernstein,

We always enjoy New York City and appreciate you even more for giving us the excuse to visit there. The photo shoot provided a great opportunity to see you again and your New York hair transplant clinic for the first time. While I hope that I will not require any further work, should I feel the need, there is no one else I would even consider.

Aside from your skills and deep understanding of hair restoration, both Janice and I have always been thoroughly impressed by your honesty and sincere integrity. We both genuinely like you as a very decent human being. So, regardless of my medical needs, I am sure that we will get out to New York again and will be certain to stop by and say hi. Great luck on the new venture!


J. Q.

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