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Dear Dr. Bernstein,

This letter is somewhat different from the ones I read in your waiting room as I awaited my surgery. Still, it is a letter about gratitude, trust and privilege.

I could not be more pleased with the expertise and efficiency by which your staff works in conjunction with your guidelines. Their professionalism, sincerity and competency were truly second to none.

Insofar as my recovery, I did experience some swelling for a few days following the surgery. However, instead of heeding the advice on your written post-operative instructions, I elected to contact you on your emergency toll-free number. This is where the word “gratitude” comes into play in my opening statement. You were not only sincere and caring, but you instructed me to come right in if I had any concerns whatsoever. That meant the WORLD to me.

Fortunately, the swelling subsided by the next morning and so I did not need to see you. Nevertheless, it is especially reassuring to know that your doctor is on call 24/7.

“Trust” is the next word I speak about in my opening paragraph, and I am not just talking about trust as a competent clinician. You estimated my grafts at 1,600 and yet only elected to use approximately 1,200. Consequently, your staff informed me that I would be receiving a reimbursement check for the difference. While, quite obviously, there is no way I could have ever known how many grafts were actually inserted, your integrity and uprightness as an honorable and principled physician are to be applauded.

Finally, I want to briefly talk about the word “privilege” and also the word “honor.” You see, I did tons of research and homework before I was referred to you. Notwithstanding the fact that you had no hair on your head when I met you, you were exactly the consummate professional I knew you would be. I feel privileged to have met you and particularly honored for the opportunity to have you as my physician.

Thank you, Dr. Bernstein. I am forever grateful to you and your entire staff.


A. S.

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