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I’m one of those guys who first sought hair restoration in the ’70s. At the time all I needed was to have my receded hairline restored. I ended up with the classic “pluggy” hairline, the kind the late night comedians joke about. My new problem was not obvious until I had more hair loss. Soon my “pluggy” hairline became painfully obvious to everyone. I hated to watch everyone’s eyes move up and fix on my hairline. No one ever seemed to look at me in the eyes anymore. People seemed fascinated to see a guy who had those infamous “plugs.” Over the years, I became more and more reluctant to go out. I was very uncomfortable and avoided any circumstances that put me in close proximity with anyone else. I missed many social events and even jeopardized my career by avoiding important meetings, all in my attempt to avoid close encounters with people.

After many attempts to find someone who could help me, I finally heard about Dr. Robert Bernstein. I must admit I was not too confident that anything could be done to help me. I was wrong. Dr. Bernstein examined me and explained in detail exactly what needed to be done. First, he removed many of the old, huge plugs and divided them into individual single-follicle grafts with one, two or three hairs (just as nature grows them) and put them back. After a couple of these plug-removing procedures, I had the first of two hair transplant operations, all involving single-follicle hair grafts. The results of these procedures far exceeded even my wildest expectations. My new hairline rivals the one God gave me. It is completely natural. There isn’t a plug in sight.

Today, I feel confident and comfortable in even the closest of circumstances. I now seek out the kind of social situations I once feared. Dr. Bernstein is a remarkably talented man who is the best in his field. I recommend him to anyone who is thinking about getting their hair restored to its original and youthful appearance. For those who have been suffering from bad “plug” jobs and despair over living their life as a marked man, I’d like to give you hope that you can be made whole again. You can look natural and be proud of your appearance again. Dr. Bernstein can give you back your confidence. My life has changed incredibly for the better, and I owe it to him.

W. R.

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