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Dear Dr. Bernstein,

It’s a little more than a week since my transplant procedure, and I didn’t want any more time to pass without writing to compliment you and your entire staff for making the entire experience a pleasant one for me. While I am anxiously awaiting the growth of my hair and wonder how I will ultimately look, I must tell you that if the professionalism exhibited by you and the members of your staff are any indication of what the final result will be, then I know I have nothing to worry about.

From the moment I called your office last September to make my initial consultation and spoke to your receptionist and then finally meeting you and seeing the results of your work firsthand I have felt I made the right decision to literally put myself, rather my scalp and my hair in your hands so to speak.

For those of us sitting on the other side of the doctor’s desk contemplating hair transplant surgery, the decision is fraught with doubt and anxiety, not to mention thoughts of the expense of it all and the many questions that one has to weigh in their mind before making a decision. Does the expense justify the result? Will the experience be painful and uncomfortable? Will I be treated as an individual or just another patient folder in a filing cabinet?

I can honestly say under your care and that of your staff to assuage any doubts I may have had, I am certain I will have made the right decision.

My thanks to you and your team again for making me feel relaxed, treating me so well and for making me feel #1 in your book from Day One.

Until I see you again in 240 days for my follow-up visit, I remain…

Most sincerely,

S. S.

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