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Dear Doctor and Staff,

Today I have a few minutes to write you and thought you would appreciate my thoughts. It’s been two days since my surgery and although I’ve had a little amount of pain in the rear suture area I feel fine. I didn’t need to use the drugs given or even any Tylenol or anything of that nature. I’ve showered four times so far being very careful patting the special shampoo your office gave into my new transplanted area. Although it is still like little red dots they seem to be fading to normal color already and it feels great to have all these little hairs where there were none!

As for your staff – I was made very comfortable and enjoyed their company. They made a possible unpleasant experience seem natural and respectable. I hope they enjoyed the cookies, tea and coffee I brought them. You should be proud of the polite and respectful way they treat your patients.

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff. This coming week I’ll see you all for my post checkup, and I can say I finally feel confident I’ll have my hair back.


B. B.

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