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August 17, 2001

Dear Dr. Bernstein,

I am writing to thank you for all you have done for me. When I came to see you I must admit I was not too optimistic. I didn’t believe anyone could really undo the damage of my previous hair transplant operations which left my hairline “pluggy” and looking like the punch line of one of those late night comedian’s jokes.

During our first meeting, I became cautiously optimistic that I had found the doctor who could really help me. After an examination you described a plan of action specifically designed for me. It included plug removal to get rid of the most egregious of them and then two hair transplant operations using grafts of no more than one, two or three hairs to fill in and effect a natural appearance. Even the plugs removed would be divided into these kinds of smaller grafts and put them back, not wasted! (I had never even heard of or thought about plug removal so this alone encouraged me.)

After the first plug removal procedure I was very happy at how much better I already looked – a fact which took me completely by surprise. Each of the subsequent plug removal procedures produced similar results. Then I was ready for the first of the two hair transplant operations.

Two weeks ago, when I removed the bandage the day after my first hair transplant operation, I was amazed by what I saw. Single, two or three hair grafts filled in between, in front of and behind those smaller original plugs promising a very natural look when they begin to grow. You had described this to me at our first meeting but seeing it was still amazing.

Until now I have not mentioned that I had little hair on top of my head. After this first hair transplant operation these smaller grafts now were placed in a very natural and filling way nearly to the back of my head. Clearly, you are the best in your field of medicine. You have a rare talent and my only regret is not having found you many years sooner.

You have assembled a staff that I believe is second to no other doctor’s office. A prospective patient’s first call to the office begins with a conversation with the very professional, friendly and informative Nazia. Lisa, Nancy, Phillip and Bernice assisted you when you did my hair transplant operation. Each of them were solicitous and encouraging throughout the procedure and clearly genuine in their concern for the patient’s comfort and anxious to relieve any anxiety. They are a great asset to you. Other staff members not directly involved in my procedure nevertheless stopped in to say hello and offer encouragement. I feel very comfortable and at home in your office because of them. I look forward to coming back. Thank you for everything.


W. R.

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