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Did you hear the one about the bald doctor that grew his hair back? Well it’s no joke, but we’ll get back to this part of my story later. Let me start by stating the obvious; losing my hair was a long, slow, steadily painful process that began in my late twenties and continued into my forties.

During that time, I became increasingly preoccupied with this dramatic change in my physical appearance and the accompanying emotional toll. I was not a happy camper. Thus began the quixotic quest for the fulfillment of my impossible dream, to grow hair on my head. Over the course of twenty odd years, I explored every conceivable type of treatment for my “problem”. I even tried some of the more weird “remedies” marketed on TV and over the net. I must confess that I always needed up feeling like Don Quixote, somewhat defeated at being scalped by a windmill, but relentless in my quest.

Now back to the bald doctor. He happens to be my family physician and a rather conservative medical professional. I came in for my annual and I noticed that he had hair on his head, and it was his own Hair! I could hardly contain my amazement. “How in the world did you grow your hair back?” I asked. That’s when he gave me the scoop on Dr. Robert Bernstein. He basically told me that he had done a lot of research on hair restoration over the years. He explained that the doctor had created a technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation) that could achieve excellent medical and cosmetic results. The irrefutable evidence was sitting right in front of me. My doctor gave me the phone number and suggested that I attend one of their seminars.

I was immediately impressed by their customer service. I received prompt and detailed information on their services. More importantly, when I attended their seminar, Dr. Bernstein conducted it. He made clear that he was the surgeon in charge and that he and his team had an uncompromising commitment to safety and quality results. Then he actually allowed us to observe the procedure in progress. It was, to put it mildly, impressive.

Equally impressive was the genuine enthusiasm of the patients who had undergone the procedure and were present to answer questions. I made my decision. Dr. Bernstein and his medical team performed the surgery. It was quick, clean and remarkably comfortable. Eight months later I had hair on my head that looked like it belonged there. That was just the beginning of the benefits that I’ve reaped from my hair restoration.

Restoring my hair has contributed greatly to my well being in three major ways. Mentally, it has relieved me of the daily frustration of obsessing about being bald. What I think about now is how I can improve on other aspects of my health and physical appearance. Emotionally, I feel more positive and optimistic about life and that has translated into a more relaxed attitude towards my daily social interactions. Finally, and most importantly, I just look better physically. He has put me on a track to look good and I plan to stay on that track.

I want to thank Dr. Bernstein and the entire organization for their pioneering work in the field of hair restoration. I’m also grateful for the integrity and commitment to excellence they bring to their work. It has made a positively enduring difference in my life.


N. M.

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