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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration

Five months ago, I came to Dr. Bernstein’s office with a grim outlook. I had previous surgeries at two well-promoted centers for hair restoration. The results from the surgeries were less than satisfactory. Scarring in the donor area and large pencil sized plugs left me feeling worse than being bald. Worst of all I didn’t believe I would ever look normal again.

Dr. Bernstein was very honest in his assessment of my condition. There were no promises of total repair and no false hopes of a perfect recovery. I tool some time to read “The Patient’s Guide to Hair Restoration” and make a decision based on the facts that were given to me after two consultations with Dr. Bernstein.

The staff has also been very helpful, kind, sympathetic, and courteous. They seem happy to be working with a surgeon that takes such pride in his work. I was having a conversation with a technician that remarked, “I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I was destroying the lives of the patients seeking help”. That is the kind reassurance that makes me feel that I am receiving the best care possible.

The excision surgeries are now complete and I am moving on the next phase. A full session. I have all the confidence in the world that Dr. Bernstein and his staff will try their hardest to fulfill my goals. In just five months, the appearance of my large plugs is close to undetectable and the future looks encouraging.

B. C.

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