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Dear Staff,

Thank you for being so good. Twenty years ago I had a hair transplant. Since then I avoided people. I am ashamed to say I have too much false pride. In public with Barbie doll like hair that I asked for, (the worst part) has been the equivalent of a severe toothache. I just could not be myself.

A side effect of my graves disease is bulging of the eyes, which does not embarrass me. I accept that I have no control over this condition.

Today, the day after my procedure, there is no discomfort. I look in the mirror and am amazed at the quality results. To me you folks did the impossible. I have no words for how grateful I am. To say thank you is a drop in the bucket.

The entire crew worked with the precision of a Swiss watch. All members were very talented and it was obvious to me all took pride in their work.

Dr. Bernstein listened to me and gave me his expert advice. Erlene placed grafts hour after hour with great patience and expertise. Sandy worked tireless on the grafts, always making me feel I was safe and in good hands.

The great sandwich I had during surgery to the enjoyable movie and music and especially the conversation with a group of good people was a pleasure.

Life is great, not always fair. Thank you.


G. J.

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