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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration

Dr Bernstein – Happy New Year – I hope all is well with your staff and you.

March 20th will be 1 year since I had the ARTAS FUE 1400 graft procedure. I can tell you without hesitation that the results have FAR exceeded my expectations in every way. I did not expect this degree of thickness, fullness, and overall amazing appearance. When I get out of the ocean swimming, I am no longer self-conscious about how my hair will look. It seems that as consumers, we are often buying things and not getting exactly what we thought we were going to get. In the case of the procedure your staff and you performed, I got even more than I had imagined. My only regret, if I even have one, is not having done this earlier. I have been passing your information on to people as I bump into them so they too can share in this amazing procedure. I now understand why your reputation in the industry is as it is.

Thank you again for sharing your art and skill and making this person happier than you can imagine with the results.

O. O.

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