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Dr. Bernstein,

I had been considering a hair transplant for many years now. Fortunately, having been on Propecia for 12 years, my hair loss was more towards the mild side, so I only needed around 1,400 grafts. Since I do have to wear a helmet at work and always wear the back and sides very short, I knew the standard STRIP (FUT) method would not work well for/with me. Having followed Dr. Bernstein’s progress as one of the early pioneers of the ARTAS Robotic FUE system, I knew without a doubt that ARTAS was the technology, and Dr. Bernstein was by far the best hair restoration surgeon to perform the procedure.

I must say, there was some nervousness prior to the procedure, but the entire process was so much easier and painless than I had possibly imagined. I could not even feel when the ARTAS was retrieving donor hair, nor when the transplant sites were being made. I had little to no pain or discomfort even after the procedure. The staff was incredibly accommodating and responsive to every question. I’m looking forward to seeing the full results of Dr. Bernstein’s work in the coming months.

O. N.

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